What documents are demanded for an expert assessment of a Property Valuation

It’s insolvable to issue an expert assessment of a private or theater house, like any other Property Valuation, without furnishing the reviewer with certain documents.
In general, the package of documents needed for the assessment is the same for any type of real estate title documents for real estate, passport and drum law of the proprietor, specialized passport for real estate.

Property Valuation

Specifically, to complete the assessment of a private, theater , country house, you need to give the reviewer with clones of the following documents
1. Title documents for the house and land;
2. Passport and drum law;
3. Specialized passport for a country or private house.
For further information about the procedure for assessing a house, as well as for advice on the cost and timing of the assessment, please communicate our specialists in any way accessible for you by phone, through the order form, instant couriers or correspondence.

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Allen Brown